The following sample reports are for the analysis of a major plant expansion to generate additional sales. The organization is considering expanding their production facilities to generate additional sales revenue and is considering two options:

Option A $11M investment
The organization can spend $11,000,000 to expand their New Jersey plant to increase the production and sales of Product A & B.

Option B $15M investment
For $15,000,000 they can also add a new product called Product Z. In addition, if they spend $15,000,000 they can lower the unit cost of producing produce A and B resulting in additional savings.

Which is the best investment?

The key reports are the “Incremental Cash Flow Report” and the “Project Comparison Report”

The sample set of key reports below are for the $11M investment. The Comparison Report and the Increment Cash Flow report compare “$15 M investment” with “$11M Investment”

Reports & Graphs

Investment Option A versus Option B

Sample Reports Investment Option A

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